How to care for budgerigar

Nutrition of the Budgerigar

Budgerigars only consume the food they are accustomed to in the early days, even if you give fruit, but you need to get used to. You can give sweet apples or pears during the exercise. You should give these fruits into small pieces. Over time, it will get used to it and now all the fruits will be food. The budgerigar consumes almost all fruits, but the fruits should be given in small pieces because they contain a large amount of fruit sugar. You can also give your budgerigars in vegetables. The vegetables you will give eggplant, peas, carrots, broccoli, arugula, cucumber, chard, spinach, fennel, chicory, red radish, tomato, lamb, cabbage, celery stalk, pepper, purslane.

Maintenance of the Budgerigar

If you want your budgerigar to grow in a healthy way, you should definitely refresh your water every day, and the bath water should be left every two days. The nest must be cleaned every two weeks. The most important issue for budgerigar care is to use a beak stone in every cage. The beak stone is vital for the bird. Thanks to the beak stone, the beak is sharpened and ensures that it does not extend too much.

Physical Structures of Budgerigars

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