How old should I start doing gymnastics

Gymnastics ( Gymnastics ) sport to start especially at a young age is very Uighur.Kişinin body strengthening the body's flexibility to gain the flexibility of the most appropriate ages between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

A person who starts to gymlastics at an early age can apply gymlasty as he wishes in later ages. gymnastics movements as we understand that the body is a type of sport that puts a rubber consistency. It should be used to get used to the flexibility that will make your legs get used to this trench. It must be heated while opening the opening process.

Leg opening in Jimlastics

First, the left rear leg stretch and the left front knee, the knee lid was stretched with the ground. PP>

gymlastic postures and movements

Ben 10 yaşındayım ve jimnastik yapmak istiyorum bacaklarımı sıfır açmak istiyorum nasıl açmalıyım bana söylermisiniz

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