How many steps a day can I lose weight

Sitting people work 5000 steps a day. A mean person walks between 7,500-10,000 steps per day.

To lose weight at least 10,000 steps per day. Ten thousand steps are equivalent to 30 -minute gymnastics.

A person living in the village life can easily take 20,000 steps a day. From this point of view, it makes sense that the village people will be considered gymnastics every day.

To measure how many steps you walk a day, you can get step -up step -meter (pedometer) devices. These devices count the steps according to the body movement and mostly make accurate accounts. While quality and clearer devices are sold at prices such as 50 TL, you can buy cheap chinese products like 10 TL.

It is possible to lose weight by walking and it is very healthy compared to other ways of making gymnastics. The most important issue you shouldn't have in mind is that when you have the opportunity to walk, turn your direction to that side and not to fool the convenience. The following ways can make you healthier:

  • Walk if you have time to go to close distances. Do not get on the bus for a stop.
  • Select the ladder instead of the elevator.
  • Do not tire yourself to take 10,000 steps today. Make your daily normal measurement, then add 500 steps every day and increase. Continue regularly when it reaches 10,000 steps.
  • Inside the shopping centers without food also allows you to walk seriously.
  • Walk to live healthy, not to lose weight.
  • Edit the walking day with your friends, go to areas such as parks and forests and walk in groups. You will be surprised how much you walk with fresh air and chat.
  • It is a recommended weight loss gymnastics, if you want to do this job very seriously, it is possible to walk outdoors outdoors and lose weight very fast with a regular diet.
  • Walk to your relatives and neighbors in close distance. You may have a car, but if you go by car for 200 steps, you will collect unnecessary weight and collect fat. If unnecessary oils circulate in your veins, it may even be a cause of a heart attack.

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