Diet List for Pear Body Type Woman

Especially in the generalizing type generalizing apples, pears, hourglass known as.

The body type, known as pear, usually can lose weight a little more difficult than other body types. All weight basin and upper legs are composed of fats accumulated. It is narrow and expands from the lower navel. The most effective oil melting method in the Armut types is running.

We can show Jennifer Lopez as an example of pear -type celebrities.

If you have a pear -type body, you should be very patient, you should run your body two -way while exercising.

Diet for pear -type bodies

1 cup of warm lemon cinnamon water on an empty stomach in the morning

1. Day

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Noon: 1 Dimilm Red Bread, 1 Fly Eggs, 1 Carrot

Evening: 1 slice of lean meat, unlimited salad

Day 2

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Noon: 3 meatball grilled, 1 bowl of yogurt, unlimited salad

Evening: 4 tablespoons boiled spinach, 1kase yogurt and unlimited salad

3rd day

Morning: 1 slice of fried bread, 1 open sugar -free tea

Noon: 4 spoons of vegetable food, unlimited salad

Evening: 100 gr lean grill or boiled chicken or meat unlimited salad

4th day

morning: 1 nescafe

Noon: 200 g grilled chicken or boiled unlimited salad

Evening: Unlimited salad and 1 bowl of yogurt

5th day

morning: 1 slice of fried bread, 1 slice of cheese, unlimited greens, open tea

Noon: 4 spoons of vegetable dinner, 1 bowl of yogurt

Evening: Water and green tea only

6th day

Morning: 1Dil cheese, 1 halted eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers

Lunch: 1yeyva

Evening: 5 spoons of vegetable food, 1 slice of fried bread

7th day

Morning: 1 slice of salami, 1dim cheese, 1 slice of flushing bread

Noon: 100 g fish grill or misting

Evening: 100gr cauliflower or broccoli boiled, 1 bowl of yogurt, unlimited salad

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