What does microformat mean

It is one of the drafts to be used for future generation web pages. The new generation of web pages will be used to format the computers in a way that they understand. Considering that there are more than 10 million web pages today, it will be very difficult for all pages to switch to the new system. Even university web pages in our country are still prepared with HTML 1.0.

Other drafts prepared for the semantic web are:

  • microdata
  • microformats
  • rdfa

These systems are currently being used on foreign web pages. It is used for the sale of products through Google on sites that sell HPRODUCT products, especially for product identification.

According to the method to be used, the shaping of information on the web page changes.

If we give an example for microformat:

A normal web page:

& lt; Div & gt; Price: 100 lira & lt;/div & gt;

The same page will be with microformats as follows:

& lt; Div Class = "FN" & GT;
& lt; Div Class = "Price" Price:
& lt;/Div & gt; With

RDF and Microdata, this process becomes a little more laborious. After this process, any internet agent will understand this information. For detailed information, investigate the concept of semantic internet.

Microformat nedir

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