Why does fart cause abdominal pain

Every time we open our mouth, some weather comes in. When our body comes out, it should somehow throw out the air, if the upper parts of the stomach remains in the upper parts, it is discharged by burping. But the air in the intestines below should be discarded from below.

Especially when digested some types of food, it causes gas formation. For example: beans, chickpeas, lentils.

Throwing this air in the thick and small intestines is called fart. If the amount of air in the intestines is high, it gives pain and occurs as abdominal pain. If the gas is too much, it stretch and compresses the intestines, can participate in foods such as beans to prevent farts cumin, after dinner After dinner, arugula can be eaten or after dinner fennel tea can be drunk. PP>

If you have fart problem, especially in winter You should consume less products in the gas list.

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