What will be done to lose weight after birth

You will be lost between 5-6 kilos in the first week after the birth of cesarean section. This weight is considered as the weight of the baby and water. You can give you a little bit of diet in how many months.

After birth, if you eat halva with your contributions in the elders, you will have a lot of milk if you drink sherbet, if you eat onions, if you eat the milk, you will not believe in the ridiculous words and feed on regularly, if you add the tiredness and insomnia in the first few months of the new baby, you will be back to your old state without having to do sports In the births made with the verse, it takes a little longer to collect itself in the abdominal region. In order to strengthen and collect the muscles of the snow, we need to do exercises to operate the abdominal muscles after the cesarean delivery. It is especially useful to use the abdominal recovery corsets.

Postpartum Nutrition Suggestion by Cesarean

Reduction of carbohydrate foods at all less.

Protein Group 4 Portions

Fruit group 4 portions

Milk Group 2 Portions

at least 2 liters of water will be drunk

vegetables are unlimited.

Postpartum exercise by caesarean section

We have to start without regular and sudden movements when starting exercises after birth. Please remember this. The cesareanous ones should be very slow in gymnastics because they are already stitched.

The easiest exercise that can be done after birth is a 30 minutes walk per day. If you apply the daily walking amount regularly, you can easily lose weight.

1 time a day first starting with 50 of them and increasing the shuttle will be the exercise that runs the abdominal muscles the most.

If these sports are heavy, it will be useful to swim for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Sezeryan doğum sonrası Kilo Vermek için ne yapmalı

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