Herbal solution for headache

headache is usually due to stress, but also is very much seen in the upper respiratory tract disorders.

Headache complaints are many causes of complaints.Kulac diseases, eye disorders, sinusitis, lymph nodes inflammation, mass, stress and depression are caused by many disorders such as depression. The most common causes of headaches in our day are depression, sinusitis and respiratory tract disorders. The easiest treatment of these is depression. In headaches caused by depression, especially in her herbal teas, it is provided to relieve the person. Anyone who suffers from a driving headache seems weak, weak and exhausted, and the body falls sluggish.

Plants that are good for headache due to depression

Cat grass


Yellow Kantoron


Melissa tea

These plants should be mixed with 1 teaspoon of boiling water alone without mixing with each other.

Stress -bound headache between the thumb and index finger when you press the point where you feel painful slowly when you massage the headache of the headache, and when you continue to massage the pain completely disappeared.

In your respiratory tract disorders, especially when you apply Vicks in the form of cream by massaging your forehead in the middle of your two eyebrows, you will feel your headache passes.

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