What should we take with us when we go on vacation

You can use the following list to check what we need to take when we go on vacation. Especially to go to the city to get something you forgot at the hotel divides your holiday, it is expensive to buy from the hotel. Take a look at the list below before you go to Holiday.

1- Identity Card (Passport, etc.)

2- If you go to the hotel Ticket or invoice

3- Credit card, do not forget to buy cash, you will be embarrassed if you cannot find a disposal.

4- Flight Ticket, Bus Ticket.

5- Mobile Phone Charging

6- Camera or camera, and batteries.

7- Laptop, iPod, battery or charger (mp3 and headphones)

8 -If a shirt jacket is to be worn in the place to be used, I iron may be required.

9- Slippers: Room Slipper, Beach Slipper

10- underwear, socks.

11- extra shoes, sports or leather shoes.

12- Beach Bag

13- Shorts, swimsuits, towels, bikini, swimsuits.

14- Night or nightgown

15- toothpaste, shaving cream, shaving machine.

16- Hair blow dryer, hair straightener.

17- Sunscreen, lip cream

18- Heel stone, foot cream, facial cream.

19- There are shampoo, shampoo and soap in hotels, but the brand is unclear.

20- comb, hairbrush, buckle, hair spray

21- Perfume, roll-on

22- Lipstick, nail polish, tweezers, mascara.

23- Nail polish, acetone.

24- Wet wipes, napkin.

25- If you have a ear problem, ear plugs, ear sticks to wear at sea.

26- Bus Pillow, Night Mask.

27- Sunglasses.

28- Mosquito repellent spray.

29- A tiny sewing set, yarn and needle.

30- Book.

31- Lighter, Flashlight.

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