Places to go in Istanbul

Feasts are now declared as people's holidays.

Nowadays, the feast is not angry with those who are on holiday. People are tired of working and feeling the need to rest. It was time to spend time. It should be taught that it should be feasting with the father and elders.

Places to go to the feast in Istanbul

vialand theme park istanbul

istanbul aquarium

Göksu-Küçüksu Creek

Pierre Loti Hill

Hidden Garden Restaurant

Mimar Sinan City Forest

Aydos Hill

mihrabat grove

Wonderland Coast Derince

Park island

Atatürk Arboretum

khalkedon cafe

viewing Terrace


Röne Park

IMM Florya Social Facilities

Breeze Rural House

Pond Bahçeşehir

Bayramda nereye gitsek

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