How to choose a bikini, where to buy bikini, how to wear a bikini

Summer is coming, while preparing for the summer while living the last demons in winter should start, right? If you haven't decided what to enter the sea, don't go without a look at this article. You need to choose your bikini selection in accordance with your body. The color model should be suitable for your type, for example, a bikini that someone with a large hips and a thick waist will be the same.

We can understand which bikini sections are more suitable for our body as well as bikini selection. Bikini models and colors are very diverse.

Wider ones with waist circumference

If your waist is thick, we have to recommend you to wear a swimsuit instead of a bikini.

For plump breasts

You should prefer the types of bikini with round and square cuts.

For small breasts

Small -breasted ladies' preferences should be to choose bikini models connected to the neck.

Preferences of those with short trunks

You should use their preferences for bikini.

Belly part

They need to stay away from the triangular bikinis. This model always removes your belly where bikinis leaves the stomach. If you want to wear a bikini, those who have a belly should choose wide models when possible when choosing a bikini.

A few bikini brands

nelson swimsuit

Viktoria`s SCRET




Zeki Triko

h & amp; m

Argento bikini

oysho bikini

internet site addresses that sell bikini;

Bikini nerden alınır, Bikini nasıl seçilir

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