How to make nail official types

Hands reflect how well -groomed the person is. Especially the care of the nails is an indication of how much care of the person.

The cleaning of the tinaks cleanly shows that the person is a clean one, as well as nailing nail polish or manicure shows the extent to which the person is well -groomed. Simple as a little bit of the buyer.Resimi nails to make at least two to three kinds of nail polish. After cutting the pictures you draw on the paper and setting it as the base color in advance, you will see that the second nail polish comes out the way you want when you put the picture you cut on your nails and put it on your choice with a second nail polish.

You can try the easy way by taking the ready -made ornaments of the nail pictures. Pictures will accelerate the illustration of the nails, as well as pictures of the same size.

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