Pedicure Making on Feet Video

Pedicure is called care on foot nails. You do not need to go to the beauty center to do nail care. You can make a pedicure at home.

Materials required to make a pedicure;

  • Paper File,
  • A bucket where you can insert your feet,
  • Meat scissors, ie PENS,
  • rasp,
  • acetone and nail polish.

pedicure construction stages;

First of all, the most suitable time for pedicure is the bathroom and shower, which is due to the fact that your feet are the softest time. If there is nail polish before starting pedicure, clean your nail polish. Then soften your feet and cut your nails at the desired length and rasp. Then, clean your cuts properly, be careful not to cut your meat deeply. After cutting your nails, rub your heels with a heel file, your heels will be extremely soft. Then you can apply nail polish to your nails.

In the video below, a beautician shows the production of pedicure. The nails softened because the customer's foot was waiting in warm water.

Pedikür nasıl yapılır

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