How and when should the nail be cut

Hand and toenails can be cut together with any inconvenient situation. There is no day, time or time of nail cutting can be cut when necessary.

First, cut the hands and then toen nails, the hands cut from the right hand to the left to the left to the left, on the feet from the left foot to the left and right foot to the left of the right foot is considered religious.

There are some opinions about time, the nails should be cut regularly once a week, there is no problem in 15 days, but it is inconvenient to leave it to 40 days.

It is appropriate to cut the nails before Friday, and the prayer is in that way. Rasullullah Efendimiz: "Whoever cuts his nails on Friday, Allah protects him from the other Friday and three more troubles"

Cutting nails is prohibited in pilgrimage and umrah. Apart from that, the nail can be cut at any time.

According to some old superstitions, it is inconvenient to cut nails in the evening. The reason for this is that the nail cut in the evening will jump on the food or that the spilled microbes are in the house.

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