Beauty tips applied at home

"How do I be beautiful?" Or "How can I get the beauty that will affect everyone" I think the woman who looks at every mirror.

When we look in the mirror, it does not mean that we are beautiful to be beautiful, we need to be well -groomed to be beautiful. When we say care, we will spend tons of money in the beauty centers gymnasium gyms. When you come to each other, another review is much more charming, much more attractive and much more beautiful than you. Therefore, the first condition of beauty is to create the beauty of physics. and shining looks.

In fact, it is very simple to do all this. Nowadays, many people complain about not being able to spend time for themselves. HAIR CARE

If we use some of the moisturizer we use for our hands during the bath, we see that it is brighter and more vivid when it dries. We dry, but we leave it moist, it allows us to shape our hair more easily. To reach the hair hair, we can put 2-3 drops of lemon with water after the bath.


If we have an oily skin, if our skin shines, we need to dull without damaging the moisture of our skin. For swelling in the eye

If we wake up, if we have swelling in our eyes, let's wait for 10-15 minutes on our eyes. Or you can use a concealer cream for under -eye bruises.

For soft hands

For our hands, our care cream to make a thorough effect on our skin so that your hands are full of hot water on a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes of water vapor will open the pores in our hands will open the cream we use.

Manicure hands

Manicure ( Nail Care ) If you do not have time to have a manicurized nail appearance at home, we can have a healthier way. Instead of cutting the skin, you will see that you will see the manicure image with the help of a stick that you wrap cotton on the tip.

Start the day

If you wash your face with mineral water, you will have a vivid image. If you regularly get the amount of sleep you need to sleep daily, your body will be vigorous and alive. Daily sleep needs varies according to the person, but it is around 7 hours. Sleeping below this amount or going above will be harmful to you in both ways.

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