How to use foundation?

foundation; Turning off the traces on your face, balance on the skin is an indispensable cosmetic product for a smooth skin.

Choosing a lighter foundation than your skin when using foundation will always take you one step further. The foundation structure and color you use should be compatible with your skin.

Before using the foundation, clean your face with a cosmetic product, then apply the cream that suits your skin type and let it dry.

You should apply all the products except for the concocus on your face with your fingers and your fingertips make more vibrant on the face. Foundation applied with fingertips are more durable. Apply to the foundation of the foundation in small pieces while applying to the face of excess foundation at the first time to keep roughable on the face can create a mask effect. Before moving on to your eyes, lips and other makeups, make sure your foundation has dried in your face.

Other You can look at this video for make -up stages.

Fondöten nasıl kullanılır

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