Hair dyes

In 2013's hair fashion, naturalness as in 2012 is at the forefront. This year, natural hair colors are more attractive. Especially non -alive matte colors are more popular.

Blonde `` Platinum yellow `` `Platinum yellow 'is not used and we do not recommend to anyone, because it is left behind and outdated. The colors that look more natural in blond hair color are preferred. Straw yellow and copper yellow is currently at the top levels.

In Red Tones, as in blondes, copper reds are high -fashioned. The reds close to red are no longer behind, we do not recommend. Currently, close to black and giving brightness are often preferred.

If we can recommend yellow coffee in brown tones, and as an alternative, you can choose caramel coffee or walnut shell colors.

In 2013, the hair is not chirping, dazzling, all the year we call it. A year in favor of simplicity.

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