Aliye Uzunatağan Life and Films

Aliye Uzunatağan (24 December 1951 - Çanakkale) was born.

Aliye Uzunatağan is a cinema and series actor, and as a voice actor and director. He still continues his work and gives drama trainings. Aliye Uzunatağan is a coaching player with advanced level trainings. Aliye Uzunatağan is the host of a program called confrontation on television.

Aliye Hanım is the mother of Ayşecan Tatari, who played the role of carrots in the first season of the family series.

Aliye Uzunatağan

Films played by Aliye Uzunatağan

1969 - You are an angel

1975 - Can you lend five millioncuks

1980 Final Workers

1984 Foreign

1984 stamp

1985 Death Way

1996 Black Angel (Series)

1997 would it be like this (series)

2000 Foreign Foreign (Series)

2001 Artificial (Tv Mini-Services)

2002 I will keep you alive (TV Series)

2003 cruel (TV mini-series)

2004 All My Children (Series)

2004-2005 A Slice Love (Series)

2006 City Stories (Series)

2007 wide times (series)

2007-2008 Northern Wind (Series)

2008 Birth (Short Film)

naked feet on the campus (Nurseli Hodja)

2011 - Don't Forget Me (Türkan Hanım)

2011 - Or after

Aliye Uzunatağan player coaching with Cansu Dere.

Aliye Uzunatağan Personal Website:

Aliye Uzunatağan's daughter Ayşecan Tatari .

Aliye Uzunatağan kimdir

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