What is love, how to understand love

Love is an emotional and chemical event. Because of the hormonal secretions in the brain, love gives joy and raises the morale level of the human.

Love provides connection between men and women and provides continuity in their association. People who fall in love with their first happiness. It gives more happiness to making marriage and children.

For people, even though there is a good thing for people, even though a person loves someone else, it hurts when he cannot get his love, and reduces life energy as well as sadness.

Love is the stage that comes before marriage or living together. Although it is nice to walk together and have fun, the expected situation for both sides is to establish life and life together.

Without love, people would not have seen a reason to get married and make children. In this respect, although children and adolescent young people wonder what love is, the love of someone who is not at the age of marriage is just a wannabe.

Life Cycle: Woman + Men = Love = & GT; Marriage = & GT; Child = & GT; Grandchild

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