How old should you get married

Do you think the age of marriage?

When the future will come, we will not be married to every person we are in love with, but if the person we fall in love with is the right person and in the right time, this is definitely an opportunity offered to us. The blind billet does not know that it should be in love. He cannot accept the idea of ​​merging his life with anyone else he falls in love with.

This person you are in love with maybe the wrong person to get married. Therefore, we have to think about the marriage immediately without deciding what this person can give up for me what can you do in the slightest problem with you for marriage to be appropriate for the family should be appropriate to deal with the family is very important life is not just the person you will marry, you will have to see after you marry. It is a good feeling to live, but the age of marriage and the age of marriage does not have a time. In our country, the age of the Byans is between 20 and 30 years.

Especially in women after the age of 40 years of birth is a problem, especially people who want to make children under the age of 30 is recommended to marry.

According to the researches, the number of couples who married these ages in our country is 70 %. Early marriages are usually fondly in love with the marriages made without thinking. Hani said our eyes are the blind ears of our eyes are deaf. The time and age of marriage is that time.

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