Herbal cough treatment

Colds, which is one of the most famous diseases of the winter with the cooling of the weather, causes bronsite or cough for a long time.

Your child is constantly coughing and continuing without being cut. This cough can be allergic as it is a symptom of bronchitis. In non -existent coughs, the child should be taken under constant control. depends on an allergic state.

In order to cut the cough, the wrong treatment is not given to the child with an unmistakable ear or syrups should not be given to the child. The best nutrients to cut out the allergy is known as honey. You will see that it is much more impressive when you mix and drink.

Homemade cough syrup


1.5 cups of water

Half tablespoons thyme

Half tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon of honey


After all the materials boil the water is boiled for around 2 minutes.

Black radish syrup


1 Piece Large Black Trup

2-3 black pepper

Half Tea Cup Honey


The radish is washed beautifully without peeling from the top of the cover. Honey in the hole you open is filtered and your shrub is formed by the morning until the morning when you get up from the honey in the morning, 1 spoon is eaten on an empty stomach. You will see that your whole chest is cleaned within 5 days.

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