Herbal treatment for cough

The herbal treatment of cough is ginger, but you should see a doctor for very young babies. If your child is as big as honey, the cough mixture you will make is as follows:

Mix ginger + honey, for example, two teaspoons of ginger on a tea glass. Just don't lose the fluid consistency too much.

Ginger is found in the form of dust in herbal transfers. It is a yellowish dust, the smell of fresh ginger is sharp, if it doesn't smell, don't take it, it doesn't have an effect.

Slowly feed this mixture, the important thing is that ginger affects the throat. If it swallows them all in a bite, the effect will be less. It will easily solve the cough problem. Ginger is the most accurate herbal solution for coughing. But if an ongoing cough is absolutely late, go to the doctor. Long -term bad cough may be a symptom of another disease.

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