How does the tea stain pass

When the tea stain is mentioned when the first thing that comes to mind is the question of whether the tea is sugary or without sugar.

In color fabrics, when you rub the tea stain with egg yolk, you will see that the stain comes out of the fabric. The fabric with a stain is wiped with lemon juice and rinsed with cold water. You should rinse.

How to get stains on white fabric;

Mud stain

Do not try to clean before drying for mud stain, it is necessary to dry for cleaning the sludge stain.

paint stain

The easiest method for cleaning the paint stain on the fabric is only the use of turpentine if the stain is new. should be deleted with.

grass stain

The most effective solution of the grass stain is bleach. Bleach is rubbed on the stained part of the cultivation.

foundation stain

To remove the foundation stain, you can delete the stain with the help of a cotton dipped in the ete.

Blood stain

For blood stain, the aspirin tablet with a little water and cover the stain after covering it.

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