Language, lip, belly, jaw, eyebrow piercing care

Piercing is one of the sine qua non of emo -style jewelry, a nasal piercing culture is a very beautiful accessory. People who do not know English say in the form of pirsing or pirsing.

Piercing is not a natural event due to its structure, so your body reacts to it at first and you want to scratch or touch without realizing it. The most important issue in piercing care is the abrasion of the metal surface, if the piercing is worn out, it can wound in the area where it is located.

Piercing should be obtained from the person who will wear detailed information about this, especially to ask which region is more comfortable to install piercing. Especially in our country, it is useless to have a piercing of a person living in a region where it is inconvenient to open his belly. The belly part under the clothes all day long will sweat and cause inflammation around Piercing.

Kaş piercing care and Nasal piercing care is relatively easy, ear piercing is like earrings, the jaw and nipple piercing care can be applied:

1- Wash twice a day with a hygienic soap.

2- If the piercing area shows bruising or wound-binding effect, it should be cleaned with antibiotics.

3- After washing or sterilizing around the Piercing circumference, it should be dried with a soft cloth and should be careful that it does not get inflammation.

4- Do not allow the surrounding people and friends to touch the piercing area, and you do not play too much.

5- Wash with warm salt water if there is pain and burning in the piercing area.

6- If you have piercing on the belly and chest, you should wear plenty of and clean dresses. Friction is the reason for irritation.

Language piercing care is very important, lip piercing care comes in the second place, it is difficult to maintain because the two are in the mouth area, especially when the tongue pierging is first attached to 10 days of swelling in the tongue, it can cause bleeding in case of attention when it returns to normal. If you can't use it, it is useful to remove it while eating, especially bitter and spicy dishes are inconvenient for language piercing.

Piercing Bakımı Nasıl Yapılır

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