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*What inexhaustible treasure you are, O Language. What a disintegrated problem.

*Being uninformed is not a flaw. But being characterless is a great flaw.

*Discipline the tongue of the words of the upright words to the heart; Tell your heart with your tongue. Don't touch the tongue that does not pass through your heart.

*Fruit that does not like the root and does not like the branch rots without mature. (Necip Fazıl Kısakürek)

*If you do not know my value when I am with you.

*It is not the age that matures human beings, but they live. (Necip Fazıl Kısakürek)

*To leave works like giants, you need to work like ants. (Necip Fazıl Kısakürek)

*If we were not so miserable inside us. We would not have been so reverence outside of us. (Necip Fazıl Kısakürek)

*Burning for cold, laughing while your heart is crying blood, not to see you miss and love. This must be love. (Can Yücel)

*If he wants to go, you will leave. Do you want to be with the body of those who are not with you? (Can Yücel)

*You will not love everyone like that. You will not say I love it. If necessary, you will wait for a lifetime to say I love you. (Can Yücel)

*I love to love it, it was to feel in your heart and love is not to love what is next to it, but sometimes waiting for someone who will not come. (Can Yücel)

*If you love someone, don't love it with everything. Because when finished; Not to forget him, you'll burn your loved one too much to forget. (Can Yücel)

*If every heart could love if it could not be separation at all. If it was a heart -hearted heart, love would not be so simple. (Can Yücel)

*To love for no reason is love, to connect to someone without reason. It is even ashamed to be embarrassed because it is ashamed to love actually. (Can Yücel)

*Every day without love in his heart, I realized why he was running barefoot after love. (Can Yücel)

*Tekz is the wheel of the age of the age of the age and stopped one day this blind, avara pulley will lose a chain of a world will win a world from that world, the class of the class came from the worker, the worker blows. (Can Yücel)

*How close the dead to us, how many of the living are dead. (Can Yücel)

*However, a life for others is a life worth living (Albert Einstein)

*Remember; the heart you turn into ashes and gives you life again. (Sunay Akın)

*There is nothing going on, but, people are waiting, waiting (teoman)

*Tonight I told you myself, I cheated on my points with commas, I burned again, I disintegrated.

*There are such ex -lovers that you can't even get a latch in exchange for the older.

*You are the railways of this city.

*If you cannot reach the person you are looking for by phone, the problem is not on the lines. He is one of the shits he eats.

*I wouldn't know that this problem will make you out of my way.

*do it like a amount, from the end of the edge of the tugging heart.

*I am sure that the fish are more than us, because all of ours fell into the water because.

*Open parenthesis without stopping, I close it.

*Life brings you to such a point that you find yourself fighting with your loved ones, making love to what you hate.

*The tragedy of life is not death, but the things we allow it to die while living.

*The only condition to collide the chest is now, the eye is too much. Which ban did not pierce love

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