Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus: Person; Noise, ringing, whistle -like sounds, and the common feature of these sounds does not come from another source of sound, if that person hears only that person is called `tinnitus` in medicine. In folk language, it is called tinnitus.

Why does the tinnitus occur?

Usually occurs as a result of excessive noise and explosion. The main reason for this damage is that the very sensitive hairs in the ear are damaged in some way and listen to music with headphones for a long time in high -loud environments.

In such cases, success can be achieved as a result of early intervention. Other causes of tinnitus are hearing loss in the ears, hearing loss due to aging, benign tumors in the hearing nerves, hormonal disorders, chronic middle ear inflammation, diseases in the central nervous systems, narcoses in the spinal cord.

Does having ear pierces ron?

Making ear piercings alone is not the reason for the tinnitus. But listening to the headset with an outbreak in young people is the most important reason. Piercing care should be done regularly like other piercing species. Young people who wear piercing in response to society also constitute some of the young people listening to loud music with headphones. It is nice to listen to high music, but more like everything that is overwhelmed.

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