What to do against ear bleeding

The biggest reason for the blood coming from the ear is very sensitive and may be caused by many reasons such as damage, tearing, inflammation when exposed to even the slightest dignity.

Bleeding in the ear will continue for a short time, but according to the impact or inflammation that causes ear hemorrhage, the feeling of pain in the ear occurs.

This pressure or pain in our ear can sometimes be very annoying and painful. In general, in children, the middle of the middle ear is very common. Since the outpatient pipe is narrow and short in the upper respiratory tract, the discharge accumulates between the Eustachian pipe and the ear membrane and leads to inflammation. Ear bleeding yeirne basin this ear ringing can also be seen as .

The tear of the eardrum may also cause bleeding. It scratches our ears with a device inserted into the ear and damage our membrane can cause irritation and bleeding of our ears and sometimes the accumulation of our ear dirt in the ear of the eardrum by pressing the dirt to throw out the dirt with the bleeding of the membrane cleanses.

What to do in case of ear bleeding

We should act calmly and be cold -blooded.

We should clean our ear with a sterile winding cloth. (If there is not much bleeding)

If the hemorrhage in the ear is too much, the ear is wrapped with a cloth.

If the person who comes from the ear is unconscious, he is laid on the bleeding ear.

After the first interview, we should consult a specialist doctor in all ear bleeding of the ear hemorrhage, regardless of the ear hemorrhage or we do not know.

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