Is the sea dangerous for pregnant

With the arrival of the summer and the increase in the heat of entering the sea or pool plans have already started to be made. The sea is suitable for all body types. According to some, it is considered as entertainment according to some, and some as sports according to some.

Can anyone enter the sea? If a question is coming to your mind yes, there is no problem in terms of health, especially if it is not prohibited by doctors, everyone can enter the sea. Especially the entry of pregnant women is recommended by experts. Experts say that the birth of the sea for pregnant women facilitates the birth. Especially the sea water is recommended than the pool water. Because sea water is much cleaner than the pool waters.

Expert Advice for Pregnant Pregnant Pregnant Pregnant

  • The abdomen does not swim in a way to be printed.
  • swim from any high.
  • Dive should not be done until pregnancy is over.
  • Do not feed your belly before entering the sea.
  • Ear plug must be used.
  • If the cramp enters while swimming, the swimming should be interrupted and the position should be started on the back.
  • You should not force your breath.
  • Finally, you should never and never dive during swimming.

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