How to Remove Cabinet Smell

If the smell in your closet is light, if it is like the mixed smell of food, put milk in a bowl and place it on the shelf of the refrigerator.

If it is a heavier smell, the smell of rotten food is sneaky, with vinegar water, every corner of the interior, thoroughly wiped.

also in the building markets, or in big markets, there are products that remove the smell of refrigerator, you can try them.

If you have a decayed, flowed smell of long -term thicknesses, such as a power outage in the freezer, let your service after cleansing. Servis elements will remove the pieces in the freezer and remove the flowing fluids that flow and leaked.

In a method, coffee and rice. Especially if there is smell of smelling meat, put coffee and rice in a bowl, the result is super.

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