How to clean the moisture and moisture in the cabinets

Rutbet in the cabinet, moisture mold stains, except for a long time we do not use for a long time in our clothing and cupboards in the smell of moisture leaves. It is not possible to come out with this smell with ventilation. In order to come out, it is necessary to wash with detergent water.

If there is no moisture in our house, we do not prevent the moisture. The back of the apartment should not be fully based on the wall so that the back of the cabinet should be able to take air and do not form a moisture.

In order to remove the moisture and moisture smell in our closet, it should be wiped with carbonated water during cleaning.

In construction markets, moisture preventive (moisture removal) parats are sold in the cabinets. When you put this container in the cabinet, the material in it for 30 days is the formation of moisture in the cabinet. The price varies between 20 lira and 50 lira.

Dolaptaki rutubet kokusu nasıl giderilir

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