How to smell food from the kitchen

ladies' biggest concern is the kitchen scents. Especially when the guest will come, no female food smell does not want the muscle in the house, so some of the scented will make a day in advance and take off her house.

The odors of some dishes do not come out of the kitchen for a long time, if it is not immediately exposed to the bride how the smell will go. Especially when some nutrients are cooked, the odors spread around as bad. For example, karalahaana, tripe, fish, cauliflower is one of the most smelling foods. These nutrients often create a heavy smell and create scents for a long time.

Practical smell removal

After cooking such foods, the kitchen should be cleaned immediately and put into a container fabric softener is placed in the most low eye of the stove and boiling slowly by boiling the softener's smell to the whole house. The bad smell disappears. If you do not have a softener at home, 1 amount of vanilla in the stove and roast when you roast the vanilla smell of vanilla and the bad smell will not be left.

Mutfaktaki yemek kokuları nasıl giderilir

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