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Courtyard Darkness

Nasreddin Hodja was looking for something in front of the door. His neighbor asked;

- Hayrola Hoca master did you lose something?
- My seal fell.
- Where did you drop it? Tell us, let's call
- I dropped inside, in the courtyard.
- What is lost in the courtyard is searched on the street? This place is more bright and I'm looking for him here!

I'm sleeping

One day Nasreddin Hodja came to the city and stayed in the inn with a friend. At midnight, his friend asked:

_ teacher, did you sleep?

_ Is there anything?

_ I was going to ask for some debt.
Nasreddin Hodja immediately starts snoring:
_ I sleep! said.
Friday died
One of the man died and went to his son Nasreddin Hodja and asked. My father died on Friday. He asked how to meet on the other side. He asked for a prayer in the teacher?
__ son: No, but he died on Friday. said.
__ Hoca: Was there a humble? said.
__ son: Yes, but died on Friday.
__ Hoca: Would he steal? Hodja is angry this time. They don't handle it on Friday, but they do what they need on Saturday! said.
Hand hand's donkey
Subaşı's donkey is lost. Everyone was mobilized for the donkey. In the meantime, the teacher joined them. The men of the subaşı, the master, we will all scatter and look for a donkey. If you take a look at these ties,
Hodja started to look for donkey ... He dived into the vineyards by singing folk songs. At that time he came across several men. Men:
__ master, what do you call here? they asked. He calls by singing folk songs.
To ride the donkey
Nasreddin Hodja one day he becomes a guest in a foreign village. They put Him on Friday to the podium. Gives a nice preach. Everyone is very satisfied. When they leave the mosque, they bring Hodja's donkey. All of the peasants almost compete to serve him. __ Hodja thinks a little while riding his donkey. Then he sits upside down on the donkey. Everyone is amazed. One of the peasants cannot stand and asks.
__ teacher says. Sorry, but can I ask why he got the donkey in the opposite? If you had gone ahead, this time I would have been behind. When I get the opposite, I don't turn my back on you. This is the reason ...

one day sultan Nasreddin Hodja `s asked
__ teacher, when I die, will I go to heaven or to hell, tell me to see if I said.
___ Hodja without fear of the sultan;
__ you go to hell, sultan? said.
The sultan's nerve beard trembled. Seeing this situation, the teacher
Don't be angry, my sultan, I was going to say that you would go to heaven, but he was full of heaven from the innocent people who died with the swords of your executioners. So I said you would go to hell because you wouldn't fit in heaven.

You can prostrate
Nasreddin Hoca and his friends were invited to dinner in a house in Konya. The house is old and wooden, the boards squeak as you press, the teacher said;
man cocky;
__ our house is very sofu, occasionally chant!
Hodja remains under the word;

Ten years ago
They ask Hodja for his age, "forty" he answers. Forty -ten years later, when he answered the same question again, "Forty", my teacher said that he was forty years old ten years ago. Hodja, without breaking his stack, my son, I don't know what ten years ago he answers.

The thief has no fault
One day Nasreddin Hodja's donkey was stolen. When he told his neighbors in the boredom, he started to make a sound from every head. Someone;
__ teacher said why didn't you wear a good lock on the door of the bar
someone else:
__ thief is entering your house, but how do you not know? he spoke.
Another is:
__ teacher said, I'm sorry, but the biggest reason for theft of the donkey is again. Because you don't even have a right barn. Wherever you look, it's falling out. Hodja was angry:
__Yahu said, good, beautiful and fault is all mine? Isn't the thief no fault?

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