How to write a Google article

Promotion letter written to promote websites.

One of the most important points when starting the promotional article; is that we have a good title. The most important issue we should not forget is that our promotional articles are evaluated by Google. Our articles should be natural and sincere.

We must log in with sincere words. The promotional articles that are certain to be advertising in googled and written in sharp language are harmful to the site. Our title should not be less than 3 words.

Composition rules. E n The last conclusion section is now the end of the site promotion at this point at this point with the site you want to add the latest information, collect the subject, we should put the point.

In the promotional article, the title and development section is very important in the results section of the conclusion section while writing the results section of the site by putting ourselves in the place of visitors to give sample questions and answer.

Good quality content is the most important element to make a good seo on the website.

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