Who is the Girls of the Sun.

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Girls of the Sun TV series players and biographies

Sun teacher, 35 -year -old teacher from Izmir is a lady. He lives with his 3 young daughters. Sun, a literary teacher, lives happily with his twin girls Nazlı and Selin and Fairy. Selin and Nazlı are 17 years old, fairy is 15 years old. The daughters of the teacher named Güneş in the series were also the name of the film and the name of the film was named the daughters of the sun . Their appearance and characters are completely different because the girls are double egg twins.

In Istanbul, the sun meets Haluk Mertoğlu one day businessman. Haluk Bey and Güneş Teacher fall in love with each other and Haluk quickly proposes to the Sun. The Sun is surprised at what to answer this sudden offer, nor does it know how to tell its daughters. When he hears the news, his daughter Nazlı definitely opposes this marriage. Selin accepts and accepts that this marriage will be useful. The little girl fairy wants the best for her mother's happiness. No matter how much Nazlı stands, the sun and the Haluk are determined to marry. Burcu Özberk and Hande Erçel are the star daughters of the film. Besides, the handsome model seems to steal the hearts of young girls throwing berk.

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