What does adolescent mean, what is puberty

The age of the bulg means adolescence.

In the age of buluğ, the person usually does not know which side to be on the side, because of his behavior and movements trying to learn how to behave by experiencing distress. Parents who come to the age need to direct their children by understanding them correctly without panic. In the age of Buluğ, known as the first step from childhood to youth, children enters into a mental change.

What should be done by parents in the age of

1) To prevent the child from going out alone.

2) Being in a constant discussion with the child

3) Beating the child

4) humiliation of the child

5) To appeal without showing the wrong aspects of the unreasonable requests of the child.

6) Taking the phone away

7) Repeating the same things to the child all the time.

8) To bring prohibitions to the child

9) Tell him not to meet with his friends.

10) scold the child next to others.

11) Despite something he does

12) Saying to give up things that he is happy

The above 12 rules should not be forgotten. This does not mean that the child should meet with people you do not see appropriate or go to your mind where you want to go to your mind. Not if that place is bad by talking by talking. In this period, parents should be patient.

What changes are you physically experienced in the age of buluğ>

1) Girls and boys have acne.

2) Girls are menstrual during this period.

3) Following starts

4) Mustaches and beards begin to come out slowly in men.

5) The breasts grow in girls.

6) In men, there is a change in voice tone.

7) Boys and girls begin to realize their sexual identity.

Buluğ çağı nedir

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