Which animal dates

People usually have the characteristic characteristics of animals.

Which animal according to the date of birth

January 1-9 dog

Mouse between January 10-24

January 25-31 lion

Cat between February 1-5

Between February 6-14 swan

Turtle between February 15-21

Panther between February 22-28

MARCH 1 -12 Monkey

Lion between March 13-15

Mouse between March 16-23

Cat between March 24-31

Dog between April 1-3

Panther between April 4-14

Mouse between April 15-26

April 27 -30 turtle

May 1-13 Monkey

Swan between May 14-21

May 22-31 lion

Mouse between June 1-3

turtle between June 4 and 14

Dog between June 15-20

Monkey between June 21-24

Cat between June 25-30

Mouse between July 1-9

Dog between July 10-15

Swan between July 16-26

Cat between July 27-31

August 1-15 Monkey

Mouse between August 16-25

between August 26-31 turtle

Swan between September 1-14

Cat between September 15-27

Dog between September 28-30

Monkey between October 1-15

The turtle between October 16-27

October 28-31 Panther

November 1-16 lion

Cat between November 17-30

Dog Between December 1-16

Monkey between December 17-25

December 26-31 swan

Dog: attractive and confident

swan: Harmon and delicate

Cat: shy, cute

lion: Leader, confident

Monkey: friendly friendly.

panther: mysterious, unknown when to behave.

Turtle: A friend of a compatible warm person.

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