What should be daily sleep time

A person's time to sleep may vary according to the age and work he does. A person's sleep time is about 8 hours. The food we eat, our body needs to rest as much as we drink.

Some hormones in our body work during sleep. Today, people say that they are constantly sleeping and say that they are sleepless. The reason for this fatigue is constantly tired. It disrupts the balance of the body.

Conferences, articles, TV programs and discussion programs are made on diabetes and obesity known as diseases brought by insomnia. Daily sleep in the decision to decide both physiological and psychologically important.

Sleep Hours

Newborn Baby Sleep time is around 16-18 hours.

Sleep between 30-40 years of age is good for 6-8 hours.

Sleep time of someone in a middle age is about 8-9 hours

Sleep in the elderly is in the state of sleep and evening sleep. Evening sleep is around 7-8 hours. The sleep time we call sleep is about 1 hour.

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