How many calories a day should we burn

According to the weight of the person's weight, the amount of colori should be different.

The amount of calories that a healthy lady should take daily is around 1500-2000 calories around 2000-2300 calories in men. When a daily calorie should take on a daily calorie and does not exercise, it turns into weight on its body. In order to be healthy, we need to take it on the calories, and when we go out, we need to compensate for this with exercise and sports. It needs 1000-1500 calories to ensure that healthy people's internal organs can work, and during the day, our body needs 500-650 calories to do the works we need to do.

You can spend daily calories for your own body by using the calorie calculation tool on this page.

In order to lose weight, we just need to do everyday calories we need to burn 800-900 calories more. If we apply this rule, we can lose about 2 pounds in 7 days.

For example: 70 kg healthy 20-30 years old calorie amount of calorie is 1800-2000 calories of this 500 calorie drops and 45 minutes walk as we said full of 1.5 to 2 kg a week can lose weight easily. .

In order to burn calories, exercise and sports should become a sine qua non of our life. Today, the simplest sport is walking to walk only on our tracksuits and walk on walking trails or walking tapes should not mean that we can balan this to every moment of our work, we can spread it to work, when you come to shop on the way to shop, the closest distances to the car, the vehicle should walk, or our vehicle must be. We can parked 1 kilometer away and walk down 2 stops before we ride.

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