What should I do to become a nurse

To become a nurse, after the completion of primary education, the person wants to choose the profession, the fields related to the profession (departments) should be directed to schools.

If the person wants to be a nursing, after completing the primary education, they should register for the nursing departments of health vocational high schools and continue their nursing high schools after the completion of their primary education.

In order to enter the nursing education program in higher education schools, it is necessary to choose at least one higher education in the Student Selection Exam for Nursing or Nursing and Health Services Department Student Selection and Placement Center ÖSYM Preference Notification Form.

Nursing Vocational Schools for 2 years. Nurses who have graduated from the Vocational School of Health Services Raise to the responsible nursing, assistant nurse and chief nurse.

What are the duties of nurses?

In indoor areas, they can work in every health institution, including private hospitals, state hospitals or health centers. Both meets the patient and prepare for the examination. Serum takar, bandages, dressing, blood pressure and body temperature measures the surgery team, the needle hits. Applies the treatment foreseen for the patient. Helps the doctor.

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