Cheap private university names

Special Universities

1) Acıbadem University

2) Bahçeşehir University

3) Beykent University

4) Bilkent University

5) Çankaya University

6) Fatih University

7) Gediz University

8) Işık University

9) Istanbul Arel University

10) Kadir Has University

11) Melihşah University

12) Okan University

13) Piri Reis University

14) Toros University

15) Ufuk University

16) Yeditepe University

17) Summit University

18) Koç University

19) Doğuş University

20) Çağ University

21) Haliç University

22) Sabanacı University

23) Maltepe University

24) Mevlana University

25) Başkent University

26) Atılım University

Private universities are actually very cheap, but not to compare the private university with public schools. If you think that your child will be a doctor soon, this is very cheap, a doctor will take the cost of your 4 or 6 years in a month.

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