What are the duties of the emergency nurse

EMERGENCY RESPONSIBILITY NURSE Works depending on the chief physician unit.

Emergency Responsible nurse to prepare the emergency service visuals, to take care of the patients coming to the emergency department, to follow the findings of the patients, to ask the patient's arrival cause, to call the doctor from the relevant department according to the examinations of the patients, to discuss with the patient's relatives when necessary To make, to follow the patient in the complainant room, to provide the medication to be used for the patient, to injection when necessary, to log in to the computer system of the drug and materials used for the patient, to follow the morgue of the deceased patients, to follow the devices used in the emergency room, to follow the personnel of the personnel monthly Preparing the seizure schedules, meeting with the units that will intervene at the time of the devices in the emergency room, counting the Emergency Service Warehouse Count Two Days a week, and to check the emergency service fixtures every day.

Emergency responsible nurse may work in private or state hospitals depending on their preferences.

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