What should I do to meet someone I'm interested in

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To meet someone you are interested in, you must first have a comfortable structure. You should find out what he likes or what kind of places he goes to, and you have to make that person notice you. After noticing you, an innocent tea break is usually not called no.

Most importantly is to be honest and not to try to look as you are not. The lies you will say appear in a short time and affect your friendship relationship negatively. The beginning of a good friendship is the first step towards becoming a beloved.

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You need to be in the same environments to meet one, if you have the same hobbies, you can easily meet, try to get into his interest in his interest, if you have different hobbies, if he does not appeal to you, it is best to get away from there.

For example, if you are in a structure that will be afraid of drowning in water and the person you love does not come out of the water, if you swim like a fish, your friendship is seriously "Let's go to the pool together".

Spending time together is the healthiest way to be good with a person. If you don't like the same issues, it is cleanest to leave without trying to be more cidid and to be a beloved .

If you have the same interests, the more you spend time together, the more you will be fooled and you will be a lover. Who knows that this union in the future can even turn into a marriage event.

You don't have to say good words to meet or enter different shapes, you just need to show that you are interested in the person you want to meet, this can sometimes be a smile, sometimes a look. Be in the same environment to meet, enter the same group of friends. Talking is the most important means of rapprochement, promote yourself, tell your favorite events, your hobbies, if you are at the same frequency, Zatne will get closer.

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What I love doesn't look at me

This problem I also understand because there is someone I like. You should go to talk to him before the first time you should go and talk to him. You should spend time with him.

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