Cafe list for students

Students are generally consumers who are looking for cheap food, drinks and spaces.

Although the same thing is not valid for each student, it usually comes to mind when it comes to students. Today, the cost of a student to the family is between at least 500.00 TL and 1,500 TL. Kadıköy and Beşiktaş are the most suitable districts in Istanbul. Kadıköy is a place that can provide full support to the students about the needs of food, drinking, clothing, even book notebooks of all students of Kadıköy Istanbul.

Cafeler for students in Istanbul


Tel: (0216) 450 52 52

Address: Colonel Faik Sözdener Street İskele İşmerkezi 7/3 Kadıköy

Dorock Bar

Phone: (0212) 2937565

Address: Imam Adnan Sokak 8/A Taksim


Phone: (0212) 251 43 98

Address: Kameriye Sokak 4 Balıkpazarı/Beyoğlu

jolly joker istanbul

Phone: (0212) 249 07 49

Address: Balo Sokak 22 Beyoğlu


Telephone: (0216) 478 57 21

Address: İskele Caddesi 36 Caddebostan


Phone: (0212) 245 76 11- (0212) 258 98 79

Address: Sofyalı Street 11 Asmalımescit

Address: Barbaros Boulevard 55/A Beşiktaş


Phone: (0212) 260 39 99

Address: Çiğdem Sokak 27 Beşiktaş


Phone: (0216) 449 17 25

Address: Kadıköy

İstanbul`da ucuz öğrenci kafeleri

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