How old women give birth

The importance of age when giving birth is as important as physically important.

Nowadays, in some countries, the girls who will be counted in a child are married and have a child, although we see that a girl should get out of adolescence and get to know herself and be ready for motherhood as well as physically. The ideal age of motherhood is between 23 and 30 years. Those who do not have children even though they have tried it for a long time IVF may apply the method.

Being ready to get pregnant

1) Women's age is suitable for fertility (over 35 at first birth)

2) You don't have weight problems (10-15 pounds in pregnancy)

3) Lack of diseases such as sugar and blood pressure If you have such a disease, your doctor confirms pregnancy

4) There is no problem in family

5) Not to have financial difficulties

6) Not having any hormonal disease

7) Women's regular menstruation ( menstrual delay may be the beginning of birth)

8) Having a child in both parents

9) Not exceeding the number of births to be done. (Birth is made up to 3 times by cesarean)

Newborn Baby Pictures

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