What to do when writing a script

In recent times, many people want to write scripts and even prepare some scenarios and present them to the production companies.

To write a good script, the first thing you need to think of is the basis of the scenario. In order to create the basis of the point, you should find out how you can explain the story in the best way. The introduction, development, voltage and conclusion section is complete, and all the elements respectively. If it starts, there is a before the subject. In this part that leaves the question marks in mind, the development section is called the development section. The third part is the tension section. In this section, discussions, fights or intrigues between the people in the scenario should enter. This part is connected to the subject he understands.

Another point when writing a scenario is the theme. Another issue when writing the script is that the scenario is in accordance with the format you selected. Dialogues in the American format 7.5cm width. is that it is 1 min when it is complete.

1 scenario page in French format is divided into two. On one side of the page, dialogues are written on the other side of the page, except for the dialogue.

Your scenarios should be written to show the visual details to the finest point. The scenario you write is the best film in the world, even if the script will remain in your hands.

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