What are the types of scripts

Writing scenario is much easier and simpler than all other types of writing.

1-American Scenario Format

For cinema and series scenario One of the writing formats is the French format and the other is the American format. The introductory section covers the whole line as 15 cm. In a scenario written in American format, character names and words that are instructed are written in capital letters. There are other strict rules in the American format. So when the scenario page is finished, it must be 1min. For example; And in the meantime, tears began to glide in his eyes, as if the scenario is taken, it shows what kind of film will be.

French Screenplay Format

French format is still one of the most commonly used formats today. In the scenario of the French Format, the page is divided into two. is written to the side. In both French and American Formats, dark text and painting are not used.

What should be in the scenario

What are the information that should be included in your American format and French format?

_ Stage number

_ Stage line

_ Top information

_ sub -information

Senaryo yazma formatları

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