How to write the script

The main purpose of the Scenario is to transfer events that will be the subject of a film or series.

Someone who wants to write a scenario needs to know the art rules. In the beginning of the first end of the end of the cinema and television. It is necessary to address a person in the form of a story.

a scenario entry, development, tension and consequences must be written. The entrance section of the Senary should be transmitted to the audience in the entry section. In this section, the audience must wonder what will happen in the future. In this section, the audience should be given half information about the subject, the game should be continued from another place. If they are in the war in accordance with the subject of conflict, if there are two people if there is a small discussion, or according to the subject of the work of the most excited and action scene should be exhibited in this section. What is meant to be told should be finished by hitting the last coup.

In the scenario, only mutual conversations and verbs are included. Technical details are not included in the Senaryo.

1- American format

2-BBC format known as the European format

Stages of the Scenario

Sinopsis: The first step of the scenario is considered. It is called the summary of the scenario.

Treatman: The first stage of the scenario and the second stage is the section. Generally, it is prepared longer than Sinopsis but shorter than the scenario.

Discrimination Scenario: The part between the Treatman scenario and the shooting scenario.

Shooting Scenario: On the scenario written in any format, Reji and Ekbi are the works on the scenario.

What should be in the scenario

_ Massality

_ Popularity (It should be affected by current issues)

_ Originality

_ logic

_ visuality

_ Hearing

_ interestingness

_ Consider the audience

_ realism

_ Believe in

_ escaping from Didactism (Literary features do not have to)

Senaryo nedir

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