Is it a condensing boiler or is it not condensing

The term ` condensation` in the condensing combi means the condensation of the vapor formed on the device. Combi boilers remove a high amount of steam when they burn natural gas. Condensing combi boilers add these vapors efficiently to their own energy, non -condensing combi boilers.

While the yields of normal combi boilers are around 60 %, the yield of condensing combi boilers is around 95 %. In order to warm up better, condensing combi boilers should be preferred. The biggest known mistake in condensing combi boilers is the gas burning twice, but this information has spread among the public, but it is completely wrong. Firstly, the boiler burns the gas is working again by converting steam into energy in the second time. Condensing combi boilers use the gas for almost semester than ordinary combi boilers and are twice as efficient than ordinary combi boilers, consumers who know their account are always aggressive combi boilers.

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