How to Press Gas to the air conditioner?

Easy to press gas into the air conditioner, but it is necessary to make sure that the gas of the air conditioner is finished. It does not mean that the gas is finished in the non -cooling propheity of the air conditioner, you should inform the authorized service if your air conditioner has failed. Especially if you open a product with a guarantee, the warranty will be canceled.

To add gas to the air conditioner, first determine which gas is suitable from the barcode from the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Currently, two gas is used in the market, these are 410A gas that is harmless to the ozone layer on new devices.

After selecting the appropriate gas for the air conditioner, we have at least 5 kg from the gas. should be. To add gas to the air conditioner, there should be gas flow hose and a gas clock attached to the hose.

After the necessary connections are made with the tube and air conditioner, the gas clock is opened and the gas flow starts at this time the tube must be turned upside down. Gas flow is provided until 3.5 bar per gas time and closed as the desired value is seen.

Klimaya gaz nasıl basılır

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