What are the benefits of split air conditioners?

What is Split Air Conditioner?

Split is a word used in the sense of discrete divided into English. These are internal and outdoor units.

Split Air Conditioning Advantages

1. Silent - most of them only work 26 dB (A).
No channel - you can break the wall and do not need a high -cost channel system
3. Efficient cooling, heating - You can only heat/cool the area used.
4. Control in your hands. Excellent use with the Kumanda
5. Your window does not close - traditional window -type models close your window, provide a aesthetically more pleasant look and your view does not close.

Moreover, now in the Split air conditioners, a decision taken by producer companies in 2011, because the formerly used 22 gas damages the ozone layer, now the gas is used as gas and this gas certainly does not damage the ozone layer.

Split klimaların avantajları nedir

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